Monday, 6 August 2012

Windows - Secure by Design

If you are having your windows replaced you should know this. The Building Regulations now require all windows to meet the standard "secure by Design". Essentially this means that all locks should be designed to this standard but more significantly all ground floor glass needs to be laminated which will have an impact on the costs.

BF aug 12

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Death of Fear

Care nothing at all for what others MIGHT think,
And cast from your head all self doubt,
Be happy each day for the things that you have,
And be proud how you've brought them about.

Do something each day that scares you,
And some things you'll need to do twice,
You will then get to witness the death of your fear,
As your comfort zone grows which is nice.

BF be strong.

"Ted" Review of the movie

Ted is a funny film. It is based on the theme of a US sitcom, romcom or chick flick and when viewed as such, and with a fairly open mind, it will amuse and entertain the audience.
However the movie does have a deeper more reaching message which is much less amusing. It explores some of the main hang ups and social problems of Western Society and uses them as the basis of its storyline. The disturbing elements here are a) that these issue exist, and b, most of us don't see them as issues.

The main storyline explores a 36 year old man's reluctance to let go of his childhood which has a serious impact on his ability to deal with adult realities. He has relationship issues, work issues and a general reluctance to accept responsibility as an adult. The movie uses a childhood teddy bear to depict his obsession but this could easily be replaced by football, fast cars, pornography, alcohol or drugs and the list goes on.

The movie also explores pornography in its own right. It uses graphic sexual references and the casual sexualisation of women to make some of its points.
When viewed with an open mind these scenes can be amusing, however if we stop to realise this is how society is teaching it's children then it is very disturbing. There are fantasy sex acts which don't require too much imagination to get their message across including female exploitation, homosexual violence and casual sex. All of which when targeted at an audience as young as 15 raises further concerns in my mind.

The movie does the same to various degrees with the following social subjects: mental health, drug abuse, exploitation in the work place, kidnapping, bullying, racism including anti semitism and drink/drug driving.

I did come away from the film having enjoyed the humour, and indeed it is depicted as a comedy, but I am far more impressed by the raising of the above subject areas and hope that the audience will question itself as to why we think they are funny.

BF 3.8.12