Monday, 24 December 2012

Home extension seminar 29/9/16

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Plan-It are holding a "Home Extension Seminar", on 23/2/17, cost £20.00. Planning permission, building costs the construction process plus lots more. All you need to know about extending your home. Further information and booking here.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

EFT and Tapping

At mind wheels "Tapping" seminar, hosted by Liz Symington on Thursday 11th October I agreed to try and Change my sleep patterns by using Tapping.

I advised the group that I always waken at 4:00 am thinking about work and used a vision of retirement in Portugal to get my self back to sleep.

Liz showed me how to Tap my way to breaking this pattern and to change it to waking at 7:00 am thinking about Portugal.

I decided to tap every night and monitor things for 1 week.

Night 1 thur 11.10.12
I still woke at 4:00 am but was thinking about Portugal

Night 2 fri. 12.10.12
I was socializing this night so no experiment.

Night 3 sat 13.10.12
I woke at 5:30 thinking about Portugal but quickly thoughts turned to work.

Night 4 sun 14.1.12
I woke at 4:00am thinking a lot about work. Perhaps because its the start of the working week?

Night 5 mon 15.10.12
Totally did not work. Woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get to sleep again thinking about work.

Night 6 Tuesday 16.10.12
Tapped before bed and slept till 5:30 woke from a good sleep not thinking about work. Something might be happening.

Night 7 Wednesday 17.10.12
Once again another good sleep this time after 6 and again not thinking about work.

So in conclusion it seems as if something is happening. It makes sense that this should take some time. I will continue tapping and expand it into other parts of my life. Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

FSB Networking Lunch

The FSB in West Lothian invite you to a networking lunch held on the last Friday of each month 12:30-2:30 at the Fairway Hotel in Bathgate. This is open to all small business owners in WL to help promote each other. Its a buy your own lunch where we choose a topic each month to discuss, educate and amuse.
To book your place please email
Many thanks Bruce
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Curry Networking Night

The FSB have teamed up with Ashoka Shak's networking night on the 3rd Monday of every month to promote and support small business in West Lothian. Come along for the opportunity to Promote your business with a 60 second presentation and enjoy good food and great company. Bring lots of business cards, flyers and promotions and get involved.
Two course buffet £10:00
To book call Ashoka Shak 01506 416622. Meet business owners just like you.
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Christmas Curry Karaoke

Come and enjoy a Christmas Curry Karaoke networking night hosted by West Lothian's a very own Gaurav at his famous Indian restaurant Ashoka Shak.
To be held on Monday 10th December at 7:00pm for a steal at £14.95. This is open to all of WL small business owners where we can let our hair down with great food, great company and fine singing.
Book now at Ashoka shak 01506 416622 Merry Christmas.
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Friday, 14 September 2012

WLCM 14/9/12

Quote of Note: WLCM 14/9/12
With the introduction of 4G wifi this week and iPhone 5 @Gilgillies was over heard to remark "we want it bigger, faster, stronger, better and we want it now". I think I have to agree.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

FSB August Networking Lunch.

12 members and guests of the FSB enjoyed lunch on Friday 31/8 at Ashoka Shak, Livingston, where we discussed the merits of the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme in Scotland. It was generally agreed that it is good for our youth to have this access to further training and job opportunities but it is not very well geared for the employer. The £2000 employer incentive has been withdrawn in most cases which could be the resource needed by many small business. This fund should be reinstated.
Once again we thrashed out the Pros and cons of social networking and left with this great advice from @alisonwinn " spend as much time searching as you do posting" for successful social media campaign.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Windows - Secure by Design

If you are having your windows replaced you should know this. The Building Regulations now require all windows to meet the standard "secure by Design". Essentially this means that all locks should be designed to this standard but more significantly all ground floor glass needs to be laminated which will have an impact on the costs.

BF aug 12

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Death of Fear

Care nothing at all for what others MIGHT think,
And cast from your head all self doubt,
Be happy each day for the things that you have,
And be proud how you've brought them about.

Do something each day that scares you,
And some things you'll need to do twice,
You will then get to witness the death of your fear,
As your comfort zone grows which is nice.

BF be strong.

Super Powers

To Listen to See,
to Feel and to Be,
and to Love.

When a neighbour needs to cry,
You can listen if you try,
Just being there can help to dry their tears.
You don't even need to speak,
It's some comfort that they seek,
From your super power to listen to their fears.

When you stop and look around,
there are wonders to be found,
If your mind would only set your vision free.
Watch the acts of selfless kindness,
As they fight our selfish blindness,
Take the blinkers off your super power to see.

You have a gift so very real and that's your super power to feel,
It may be guilt it may be jealousy or guile.
But don't be misunderstood,
you can use this power for good,
To be happy to be selfless and to smile.

You have choices every day,
In what you do and what you say,
the choice is yours and can be used to set you free.
Throw away your angst and rage,
Escape the shackles of your cage,
You have the key, and it's your super power to be.

But the greatest time I've found,
Is when love is all around,
It's a mighty power bequeathed from high above.
When you give it out untold,
It will return a thousand fold,
The greatest super power you have, the power of love.

So know this when you feel zero,
That there is no I in hero,
Remove your mask and show the world your face.
There's no need to combat danger,
Simply act to help a stranger,
And you'll move the world to be a better place.

(Oh and Gordon, you can also have wings!)

BF. March 2012.

Draining the Swamp

The power to lead when the going gets rough,
Is an art in itself and a skill for the tough,
They can stop! Be calm! When all others just freak,
Take control, slow things down, it's solutions they seek.

If this is the person that you'd like to be,
Then learn to appraise, use some vision to see,
Find the source, use your logic to fight out the fire,
You'll be strong, you'll be fearless you never will tire.

However take heed as you climb to the top,
The demons won't die, they just shift, never stop,
To drain out the swamp, will seem like a farce,
When those gaters and crocs are nipping your arse.

Be strong
BF July 2012

"Ted" Review of the movie

Ted is a funny film. It is based on the theme of a US sitcom, romcom or chick flick and when viewed as such, and with a fairly open mind, it will amuse and entertain the audience.
However the movie does have a deeper more reaching message which is much less amusing. It explores some of the main hang ups and social problems of Western Society and uses them as the basis of its storyline. The disturbing elements here are a) that these issue exist, and b, most of us don't see them as issues.

The main storyline explores a 36 year old man's reluctance to let go of his childhood which has a serious impact on his ability to deal with adult realities. He has relationship issues, work issues and a general reluctance to accept responsibility as an adult. The movie uses a childhood teddy bear to depict his obsession but this could easily be replaced by football, fast cars, pornography, alcohol or drugs and the list goes on.

The movie also explores pornography in its own right. It uses graphic sexual references and the casual sexualisation of women to make some of its points.
When viewed with an open mind these scenes can be amusing, however if we stop to realise this is how society is teaching it's children then it is very disturbing. There are fantasy sex acts which don't require too much imagination to get their message across including female exploitation, homosexual violence and casual sex. All of which when targeted at an audience as young as 15 raises further concerns in my mind.

The movie does the same to various degrees with the following social subjects: mental health, drug abuse, exploitation in the work place, kidnapping, bullying, racism including anti semitism and drink/drug driving.

I did come away from the film having enjoyed the humour, and indeed it is depicted as a comedy, but I am far more impressed by the raising of the above subject areas and hope that the audience will question itself as to why we think they are funny.

BF 3.8.12

Friday, 27 July 2012

FSB Networking Lunch 27.7.12

On Friday 27thJuly the WL Branch of the FSB held our monthly Lunch at Ashoka Shak, McArther Glen where once again Gaurav hosted us superbly and fed and watered us with the help of his excellent staff. 15 of our members gathered to talk through the merits of social networking using smart phone apps for all the popular platforms including Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. One of the benefits of these apps is the ability to network when sitting in front of the TV allowing even the men to multi task. We were pleased to welcome

Kerry Stein,Photographer –

Steven BurrowsIT –

Darren and Julie –

Ian Pritchard –

Micky Cooper –

Andy Hutton –

Craig Scott –

Jack Marshall –

Plus Aiden, Drummond, Ron, Tam and me from the FSBcommittee

Plus Gaurav who joined for lunch.

This lunch is a great way to meet new business ownersin West Lothian who collectively have a wealth of information and experience toshare. Watch out for the August Lunch and please feel free to join us.

Best regards.


Sunday, 1 July 2012


The FSB networking lunch held in Ashoka shak on 29 June was yet another fabulous event. 15 of us broke bread under Gaurav's famed hospitality. The fine Indian cuisine helped to get the tongues wagging and tales were told of renewable energy, smart local vouchers and sharp photography. The FSB is the leading Business organization in West Lothian although our networking events are open to all. If you would like to join in please let me know and I'll book you in for next months event.
Happy business
Before you build it...plan-It.

Friday, 25 May 2012

FSB Lunch ~ Ashoka Shak 25/5/12

Hi to the 9 friends of the FSB who met for lunch today to thrash out the nitty gritty of social networking for business.
Thanks to Geoff and Alison for all the SEO tips. One I would like to pass on is "make sure you have a privacy statement on your blog/web site" this a legal requirement especially if your site uses cookies.
Other gems I need to check out are "instagram" "addthis" and "pintetest" all blog programmes to enhance your visitors experience.
Our next lunch will also be held in Ashoka Shak on Friday 29th June when we will be discussing the new "Green Deal" initiative to improve the fuel efficiency of our homes. To join us. Just get in touch.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Smoke alarms

You are more than twice as likely to die in a fire at home if you haven't got a working smoke alarm.
A smoke alarm is the easiest way to alert you to the danger of fire, giving you time to escape. They are cheap, easy to get hold of and easy to fit.

The more smoke alarms you have, the safer you'll be - as long as they are working - so make sure you test them weekly. You should have a minimum of one alarm on each floor. However, if you have only one alarm and two floors, put it somewhere you’ll be able to hear it when you're asleep.
If you have a large electrical appliance, like a computer, in any of the bedrooms, you should fit a smoke alarm there too. You should also make sure you test it weekly.

Friday, 9 March 2012

WLCM 9.3.12

Another good coffee morning and a great way to end the week and start a Friday. It's not all biz chat though, this morning it was music and jamming with Ian McKenzie (magic Mac) and Janet Munday. Turns out Ian is a pro with the guitar and Janet can get a tune out of the ukulele, I struggle with the piano but we still had a good discussion.
If your in business and in west lothian you need to visit WLCM.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

West Lothian Council launches App

West Lothian council has launched a free app that provides news, events, alerts and information on council services for residents.

The app, which is for iPhones, iPads and iPods and can be downloaded from Apple's App Store. It also includes addresses, contact details and opening times for council services. Residents will also be able contact the council via email using the app. West Lothian said it is one of the first council's in the country to launch its own app specifically for Apple devices.

Extracted from Guardian Professional