Thursday, 22 October 2009

Federation of Small Business FSB

The FSB is a true friend to SME’s, sole traders and all small business. It is a sleeping giant in the back ground of your day to day activities, but working tirelessly on your behalf at a political and administrative level. Then when you wake it up and invite it in to your business you will be protected by a wealth of expertise and service including:

Business Advice:
Tax, Insurance, Employment.
Personal Service.
Health & Medical, telecom, insurance.
Financial Service.
Credit, Factoring, IFS, Banking.

If you run a small Business this is the best £150.00* per year you will ever spend.
If you are in West Lothian and would like further information give me a call.


Before you build it . . .Plan-It.

* all information is subject to change and is provided here as General Information.

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