Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Home Extensions- Engaging a design consultant.

You should invite a Building Surveyor or Architect or someone who has a professional knowledge of the building and design process to discuss your project in your home. This will be someone who can prepare plans and is actively involved in submitting applications to the local authority for home extensions. This consultant has the advantage over all other advisors of being able to offer you a design solution to meet your own needs and also give guidance on what is legally acceptable.

You should avoid consultants who do not carry Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is a sign that they are probably “moon lighting” and as such will not have your best interests first and foremost.
This insurance is mandatory from all the professional institutes and exists to protect you in the event of your consultant making a mistake. Any one offering these services without Professional Indemnity Insurance is telling you that they are already acting in an unprofessional manor.

You should also avoid consultants who do not specialise in this type of work. Many larger practices and some individuals simply can not deal with this type of work efficiently. In construction terms these are small works but in real terms are every bit as demanding of time and resources. As such the fee level does not allow some practices to operate at a profit and they will only accept this work as a last resort.

Having identified your prospective consultants you should invite them to your home.

Before you build it . . . Plan-It

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