Friday, 16 October 2009

Marketing and Public Relations.

At this morning’s WLCM (16.10.09) I had a good long chat with Nigel Duncan and Mark Eyre on the principals of Marketing and Public Relations. Nigel is the Editor of FSB Publications and explained that Marketing on its own is a restrictive and expensive process. When coupled with Public Relations it is vastly more effective and far better value for money. He sited the example of a small add in a paper may cost £50 for 3cm x 3cm advert. However a story and better yet a picture will yield far better coverage and will serve to get your advert noticed. This needs to be worked on and relationships formed with editors/journalists but the time invested will be far more effective than any advertising campaign.
If you are not Public relations savvy then take professional advise but you MUST consider this in conjunction with your marketing campaign.
Remember “its not what it costs, but what its worth” that counts.

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Before you build it . . . Plan-It.

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