Friday, 16 October 2009

Search Engine Optimisation. SEO

At this morning’s WLCM (16.10.09) I had a good long chat with Paul Doffman on SEO. Paul is advising that whist keywords, key phrases and content are extremely important for the correct working of your web site you can not stop there if your site is to be truly effective. For this you MUST form links with the web sites of relevant external sources. For instance the content of your pages has to include key words and phrases but also read as an expert source of information. You must then provide that information to other experts in your field to refer to. By doing this the other experts will send people from their site to yours via a link, Google will then reward your expertise and make you easier to find.
It does require relationship building and time, but THAT’S THE WAY TO DO IT.

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Before you build it . . .Plan-It.

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