Friday, 16 October 2009

West Lothian Coffee Morning WLCM

This is a gathering of Small Business Owners and organisations with a Small Business interest in West Lothian. If this is YOU this is a must attend event. It is held each Friday morning at the Winter Garden in the Centre, Livingston. The brain child of Neo Recruitment (Claire Hammond) and Simple HR (Paul Hunter) the WLCM now regularly attracts between 30 – 50 people with such diverse business interests from high finance to knitting, architecture and magic.

The format is very informal, just a chat over a cup of coffee however the benefits are immense for small business and include:
 Development of ideas with like minded people.
 Ad hoc but invaluable mentoring in a diverse range of subjects.
 Free advice and simply blethering.

Its free and open to anyone so if you are interested just come along and join in. If you would prefer an introduction just give me a call.

For an idea of the great topics I have discussed have a look at the WLCM labels on my posts.

Good Luck,

Before you build it . . .Plan-It.

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  1. Great post, Bruce. The more we can do for West Lothian businesses the better.